Mohamad Al-Rifai

I am a Digital Marketer.



May 2015 – October 2015

Web Marketing Junior

Wincomparator Group.
  • Monitoring and analysis of site traffic through various analytic tools
  • Manage and report various KPIs related to different acquisition channels of the company (Google Adwords, Affiliates, Social media, etc ..)
  • Involvement in the development of page templates, as well as other elements of the web site aimed at optimizing the conversion rates
  • Development of products via customer feedback, through collaboration with the company’s other services (Content, Technology, Finance, etc ..)
  • Daily management of affiliates related tasks on the different language versions of the website (Pop Ups, Banners and Adds via DFP and other advertising platforms etc ..)
  • Development of marketing campaigns related to the group’s products (Wincomparator, Moneyclic, Turfoo)
  • Involvement in renewal or new deals negotiations

July 2014 – Dec 2014

Digital online strategy intern

Poleetic S.A.S.
  • Performing keyword research in coordination with client business objectives to optimize existing content and uncover new opportunities
  • Provide SEO analysis and recommendations in coordination with elements and structure of websites and web pages
  • Provide recommendations and execute strategies for content development in coordination with SEO goals – general and keyword specific
  • Implement link building campaigns in coordination with client SEO goals
  • Assist in development and execution of communication/content strategies via social communities in coordination with SEO goals
  • Research and administer social media tools in support of clients’ social media strategy
  • Monitor and administer web analytics dashboards, reports and key reporting tools, and point out key areas of importance in accordance client goals
  • Monitor and evaluate search results and search performance across the major search channels
  • Create and set up websites via CMS (WordPress)


Sales manager of the Beirut area.

Sogeas S.A.R.L. ( Insurance brokerage firm, Beirut, Lebanon )
  • Customer canvassing
  • Customer Management
  • Sales and renewal of insurance policies
  • Money and check recovery
  • Management of customer complaints



MBA E-Business

MBA ESG, Paris Bac+5

Is a very interesting MBA which covers all the aspects of the Digital world, from technical courses like CSS/HTML/SQL to Marketing and project management.

I am very satisfied with  the level of content and experiences included in this MBA.

Feel free to browse the different classes included in this MBA.


MBA business management

MBA ESG, Paris Bac+4

An important addition to my Bachelor degree which included a lot of interesting courses, especially when it comes to French business Law.

Here is a detailed list of the classes included in this MBA.


Bachelor in Business and Management

Saint-Joseph University of Beirut, Faculty of business and Management

Is one of the most challenging Business bachelor degrees from Lebanon, which covered Accounting, Management, Finance, Law and everything Business related.

I am very stratified  with what this degree has provided me not only from an academic stand point but from a personal one.

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Technical Skills





Analytics Tools

DoubleClick for Publishers

Mircrosoft Office Pack

Design Skills



Other Projects


Tech blog

The idea behind Taknlologia was to create a blog that delivered info in two languages, English and French. Plus by doing so i have acquired a great deal of knowledge when it comes to bilingual SEO and the ways of managing a multicultural website. Taknologia had over 1500 followers on Instagram.

MBA Thesis

SEO for multilingual and multiregional web site

The Thesis is an in-depth look into the techniques and factors that need to be considered when setting up an international multilingual and multi-regional web site and what are the SEO strategies to adopt in order to get the most efficient optimization possible.

About Me

Fun Fact

Played the drums since i was 16

I am a tech junkie

20.000 Cups Of Coffee

I collect Vinyls

Freelance Services



I can set up any kind of website ( Bog, E-commerce, One page etc..) under WordPress with all the optimizations needed, Contact me for pricing.



I can develop a full online strategy to improve your visits and conversions, from linking to add words and Social media . Contact me for pricing.



I can give you a full analysis of your website’s performance and help you improve it’s performance from an SEO side. Contact me for pricing.

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